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CRG Publishers are combination of both Journals and E-books publishing. We invite you to the platform of digital hub where you can publish your upcoming new research works in the form of full length books consisting of text, images, or both, readable on the flat-panel display of computers or other electronic devices. Open access eBooks covers different disciplines in clinical, medical, pharmaceutical, medical, environmental, engineering & technology, management, humanities, etc., Our book collections offer high quality research among these disciplines. These have been produced to meet the requirements of students, researchers, established leaders, etc., in their fields. Authors can submit and publish their research works in the form of chapters which will be published in E-books. The process publication includes plagiarism check followed by blind peer review process through our eminent editorial board members, scientific board, and reviewers. Reprints of the E-books will be provided upon request from the author and charges will be associated with the no. of reprints required.

Benefits of publishing eBooks:

In this present situation when every-one is engaged in the social world digitally through mobiles and laptops, readers are diverting their interest of reading books from physically to digitally, i.e., E-books, so benefits of publishing E-books with us will be as follows:

  1. Digitally published books will be easily accessible.
  2. As we are not involved with the usage of paper so it is environment friendly.
  3. Publishing of book is a faster process compared manufacturing process as they will be available online instantaneously.
  4. Can store hundreds and thousands of e-books on your computer or reading device.
  5. Easy portable, can able to carry thousands of books easily in one device any time, any place.
  6. No paperback covers, no paper printing, no packaging cost, no shipping costs involved.
  7. E-Books are cost-effective to the user and publisher.
  8. Provides Reprints if needed.

E-books or E-chapters can be submitted through online at Submit E-Book and also through mail to the editorial office at submissions@crgjournals.com.


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