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Editorial Board Guidelines

Editorial Boards are defined as master head of the journal who are generally described as academic editorial team. CRG journal’s editorial board consists of editor-in-chief, Executive Editor and editors. All the journals are maintained and followed by the guidance of an editorial Board.

Guidelines for the Editor

  1. Based on the scope of the submitted article editor should suggest or assign reviewers to the article for the peer review process.
  2. Editors should encourage reviewers to comment mainly on ethical questions and content.
  3. Editors are requested to recommend experienced and qualified Editorial Member and Reviewers for review process.
  4. Editors should enquire reviewers to disclose any potential conflict of interest before agreeing to review a manuscript.
  5. If the editor is unavailable for the assigned article then he/she should inform the editorial office regarding their busy schedule, so that editorial office can assign new editorial member to the article for swift review process.
  6. Editor should follow the guidelines to ensure that the review process is completed in a given period of time by the reviewers, so that author can get the updated status of their submitted paper fastly.
  7. Editor has to take the decision for acceptance/rejection/re-submission of the article which will be conveyed to the author as a final decision on the paper. Following can be editors decision depending upon which review process is followed:
     - Accept: Once the paper is accepted by editor with deep evaluation, then it will be forwarded for publication
     - Major revision: It includes the comments from both reviewer and editor with detailed review comments on the articles. Re-submission of article after major revision need 2nd time review process after which the article is accepted/rejected.
     - Minor Revision: Includes comments from editor and reviewer with minor revisions/small revisions in the paper after which the article is accepted/rejected.
     - Reject: This is the final decision of the editor if the article is not up to the high standards, meet the scope of the journal.Author can resubmit paper to the editor after which the editor decision will be final on the resubmitted paper.
  8. Editor should ensure the swift flow whole review process in a given time in coordination with the publishing group.

Join with our Team


  1. Recognition as an editorial board member which will be really prestigious and helps in promoting research around the world.
  2. Editor can publish first article with complete publication waiver.
  3. If editor brings membership from any institution or university to the journal, publishing house will give 5% reward for his/her support.
  4. Will get considerable discounts on publication of editorials/editor notes.
  5. Certificate of Editorial board will be provided by as a credit for your valuable support towards Coalesce Research Group.
  6. Also we will provide you with certification for Special Issue guest editors which will help in getting scientific credits.
  7. Additional discounts for attending Coalesce Research Group conferences.