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Coalesce Research Group Ltd will be leading platform for open access peer-reviewed scholarly literature where all content is freely available without charge to the reader. We aim to share the new recent advances through scientific publications which will help in minimizing the borders and contributing the use of research works of eminent authors, scientists, researchers, research scholars, students etc., across a broad spectrum of Medical, Clinical, Pharma and Engineering Scientific disciplines and Sub-Specialties, to promote the ideas which will guide the development and facilitate the use of scientific information and ensure its quality and also will be connecting link between researchers & scientific community. We are committed to ensuring that our journals are disseminated worldwide, so that researchers are able to access our content wherever and whenever they need it.

Coalesce Open Access Journals

Unique Features

Open Research

To make the peer reviewed scholarly research freely available online to all the researchers for their further advancements in the field of all subjects, which in turn help to accelerate and create equitable knowledge open to all.

Fast Publication

We make efforts to get the research published with faster review process to maintain the integrity of the work and also which ensures that authors can publich their work in timely manner. After acceptance of the article, will be published with immediacy and as an open access it will be freely accessible.

Peer Review Management

We rely on strict blind peer review process to ensure the deliverability of quality of manuscript before it is published.

Availability in Digital Formats

Publications in all journals websites are available in different formats including full text, HTML, PDF which will provide easy access to the readers. Reprints also available on request for minimum fee.


Our open access policies are committed to the promoting the research to the global and science media, via our social media, marketing for wider reachability.

Retain ownership

Authors can retain their copyright and can publish their work under Creative Commons Attribution License, so that their articles can be used for rewrite with proper citation and reference.

Expertise Support

We go through thorough evaluation of the work with the support of our experienced Editors and reviewers.

Cost Effective

We are not involved with submission, page wise charges, the author is charged for only acceptance of the article, required to run a world-class publishing program.

Recent Published Articles

Laser Powder Bed Fused Parts made of SS316 with Embedded Fibre Optic Sensors for Temperature Monitoring up to 1000°C

Author(s) : Jinesh Mathew, Dirk Havermann, Dimitrios Polyzos, Robert R. J. Maier

Assessment of Awareness, Attitude, and Practices Regarding Ayurvedic Medicine for Dental Concerns among Ayurvedic Graduates

Author(s) : Snehal Gaikwad, Priya Jagdale, Renuka Nagarale, Mandar Todkar

Prevalence and Associated Factors of Internet Gaming Disorder in Africa: A Web-Based Cross-Sectional Survey

Author(s) : Valerie Munyeti, Samuel Ojuade

Optimization Process Parameter on Wear Characterization of Al6061 and AlSi10Mg Alloy Manufactured by Selective Laser Melting

Author(s) : Mudda Nirish, R Rajendra

Evaluation of Knowledge, Attitude and Practice about Oral Hygiene Aids among Dental Hygienists in Western Maharashtra, India

Author(s) : Shweta Gaikwad, Mandar Todkar, Renuka Nagarale, Chinmayee Deochake, Gouri Dhede, Mayuri Kadam

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