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Open access is making the peer reviewed research published by scholars freely accessible online to the readers without any cost involved in it and restrictions on limited re-use. All articles will be published under Coalesce Research Group follows Gold Open Access policies which go through peer review process with the support of our eminent editorial board members and experts of the relevant fields. After the review process the articles will be immediately freely available to read, download and share.

Open access can be classified as three types:Gold Open Access, Green Open access and Hybrid Open Access.

Gold Open access: Refers to the journals in which all the articles freely available without any subscription charges to the readers immediately upon publication by the publisher.

Green Open access: Publishers allows the authors to self-archive the pre and post prints of the article in the self, institutional and subject repositories.

Hybrid Open access: Refers to the journals with both open access and subscription access. One or more articles will be open in the subscription journals and rest of the content will be available with paid option.


  1. Open access publication are free to read, copy, reuse and distribute with proper citation and reference which makes the research available to for wider collaboration on a global scale.
  2. It enhances the world wide visibility without barriers along with more impact, downloads, citations compared to subscription journals and non-open access journals.
  3. They are more cost effective which can be affordable for developing and low income countries readers and authors.
  4. As the articles will be licensed under creative commons authors can build the research work on a faster scale.
  5. Rigorous peer review process and fast publication.
  6. No submission charges and extra costs associated with it including for extra figures and data in the articles.

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