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2022 : Volume 1, Issue 1

Design of Portable Cartesian 3D Printer Using Arduino Mega 2560

Author(s) s: I Made Ivan WCS, 1 Mahros Darsin, 1 Gaguk Jatisukamto 1 and Mohd Sabri Hussin 2

1 Mechanical Engineering Department , Universitas Jember , Indonesia

2 Faculty of Mechanical Technology Engineering , Universiti Malaysia Perlis , Malaysia

J 3D Print Addit Manuf

Article Type : Research Article


This research aims to design and build a 3D printer machine using Arduino Mega 2560 and compare it to a standard 3D printer using a 3D printer module and bed temperature. The design simulation between the two machines is compared from the von Mises stress, displacement, and safety factor values. In contrast, testing machine performance by comparing the tensile strength and dimensional accuracy of the printing results. A cost comparison is also presented to complete the analysis. From a design perspective, the von Mises stress ratio is 10.94: 2.24; displacements 0.04: 0.03; and the same safety factor, which is 15 for the newly designed 3D printer and the standard one respectively. In terms of dimensional accuracy and power, the two machines are equivalent. While the new-designed machine can save costs of Rp.1.639.000 or 40% off. It is concluded that the machine with the Arduino Mega 2580 deserves to be used as an alternative to 3D printer machines at a lower cost.

Keywords: Rapid Prototype; 3D Printing; Dimensional Accuracy; Tensile Strength

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