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2021 : Volume 1, Issue 1

Phase equilibria in the MnO-Mn2O3-FeO-Fe2O3-Sb2O3-Sb2O5 System in Air at 1200?

Author(s) s: BG Golovkin 1

1 Department of Chemistry , Public Institute of Natural and Human Sciences , Russia

Glob J Chem Sci

Article Type : Research Article


Using the methods of X-ray phase and X-ray Densitometric analysis, the phase equilibria between oxides of manganese, iron and antimony have been investigated in an air atmosphere at temperatures up to 1250? in an air mosphere at normal pressure. The phase diagram of the system at 1200? was built MnO-Mn2O3-FeO-Fe2O-Sb2O3-Sb2O5. A new phase was found Mn12-2x,sup>2+Fe2x2+Sb3+Sb55+O26(0?x?1), with edge compositions FeMn5Sb3O13 and Mn6Sb3O3 (a=8.5003?0.0025Å; b=8.0064?0.0025Å; c=11.5779?0.0025Å; Z = 3; ?obs. = 5.7 g/cm3; ?calc = 5.6991 g/cm3). The phase exists in the temperature range 1180-1230oC and can be obtained by quenching, but always with a large admixture of Mn2Sb2O7 and spinel Mn112+Mn133+Sb93+O44.The reason for this behavior is that air molecules have different temperatures, as a result of which the phase composition of the reaction mixture cannot be strictly related to one temperature, and different phases can be stable at different temperatures.

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