EDITOR : Adrian Ionut Nicoara

Assistant Professor

University Polotechnica of Bucharest



Adrian-Ionut Nicoara is an Assistant Professor defended his doctoral thesis with the title: “alkali-activated binder materials with intumescent properties”, receiving an excellent rating from the public support commission. In his research activity developed in the framework of his Ph.D. Thesis, he contributed to the development of alkali-activated materials (AAM) by i) synthesis and characterization of a new class of materials i.e. alkaline activated borosilicate materials (AABSIP) starting from municipal glass waste; ii) use of mixtures of NaOH and KOH (as alkaline activators) in combination with borax, in order to improve the workability of AABSIP pastes; iii) assessment of intumescent behavior of AABSIP materials obtained by alkaline activation of waste glass powder with NaOH and/or KOH solutions, in the presence of borax addition; iv) systematic study of the influence of some compositional and processing parameters on the properties of AABSIP pastes and mortars.

research interest

Binders Materials Science; Geopolymer Materials; alkali-activated Materials; Physical And Chemical Characterization Techniques; End-of-Life Materials; Waste Management, Materials And Biomaterials



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