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2022 : Volume 1, Issue 1

A Practical Guide to An Altmetric Analysis and Top 100 most Mentioned Dentistry Articles

Author(s) s: Ricardo Grillo 1 and Victor Hugo Nastri 2

1 Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery , Faculdade São Leopoldo Mandic , Brazil

2 Department of Restorative Dentistry , Faculdade São Leopoldo Mandic , Brazil

Int J Dent Oral Care

Article Type : Research Article


Objectives: A massive number of articles are published every year concerning dentistry, and it is a superhuman task to read and get actualized about it. The aim of this study is to create a list of higher altmetric scores articles in dentistry and teach how to perform this kind of bibliometric analysis.
Material and Methods: Research on the term "dentistry" was done using the Dimensions app (retrospective study). Results were ranked in altmetric citations and analyzed through Microsoft Excel to create some tables and graphics to facilitate data visualization. Graphical illustration of keywords was created using VOSviewer. Some statistical tests were performed with a confidence interval at 95% (p<0.05).
Results: The United States is the country that leads this list of high interest in dentistry articles, and some fascinating subjects can be noted, like growing interest in dental office aggressions, preventive care, and phytotherapy, among others. A practical guide how to perform an altmetric analysis was discussed.
Conclusion: Altmetric analysis is a new web-based, valuable manner to scientific updates, a complementary analysis to bibliometric analysis. Altmetrics is a free, useful, quick and available to everyone way to update in dentistry.
Clinical Relevance: altmetrics is a new and efficient manner to be attualized.
Objectives statement: The reader should know this free type of bibliometric analysis and to know how to perform it.
Keywords: Social media; Altmetric; Citation; Impact Factor; Bibliometrics; Dentistry; Twitter

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