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2022 : Volume 1, Issue 1

Assessment of Awareness, Attitude, and Practices Regarding Ayurvedic Medicine for Dental Concerns among Ayurvedic Graduates

Author(s) s: Snehal Gaikwad, 1 Priya Jagdale, 1 Renuka Nagarale 1 and Mandar Todkar 1

1 Department of Public Health Dentistry , MA Rangoonwala College of Dental Sciences and Research Centre , India

Int J Dent Oral Care

Article Type : Research Article

Introduction: Ayurvedic medications have stood the test of time since 12th century. This study pertains to knowledge regarding Ayurveda ingredients and their utility for dental wellness among Ayurveda students. 
Materials and Methods: A questionnaire study was conducted among the Ayurveda graduates in the Ayurveda colleges in Pune. The structured, self administered, close ended questionnaire was designed to collect the data which considered of two parts and comprised of 23 questions. The reliability statistics were calculated. Statistical analysis was done using descriptive statics. 
Results: Study was performed on 130 participants aged between 23 to 25 years. Out of 130 participants 75 were females and 55 were males. All of the participants were graduates in Ayurveda colleges in Pune. 
Conclusion: The overall knowledge, attitude and practice of the study participants regarding ayurvedic medicine used in dentistry are average level. Therefore, more comprehensive awareness programmes about dental issues are needed for the Ayurveda graduates.
Keywords: Ayurveda graduates, Triphala, Ayurvedic medicine, Neem, Questionnaire study.

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