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2021 : Volume 1, Issue 1

Multiple Accessory Spleens- A Rare Forensic Case of Congenital Anomaly

Author(s) s: Ivan Tsranchev, 1 Pavel Timonov, 1 Alexander Alexandrov, 2 Metodi Goshev, 2 Biliana Mileva, 2 Zdravka Vasileva 3 and Antoaneta Fasova 4

1 Department of Forensic Medicine and Deontology , Medical University of Plovdiv , Bulgaria

2 Department of Forensic Medicine and Deontology , Medical University of Sofia , Bulgaria

3 Department of Neurology , Medical University of Plovdiv , Bulgaria

4 Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology , Medical University of Plovdiv , Bulgaria

Int J Forensic Sci Med Jurisprudence

Article Type : Case Reports

Accessory spleen, or splenunculus, is a small nodule of splenic tissue found outside of the spleen, which is a benign and asymptomatic condition, and only a few cases of multiple spleens in a single patient have been reported in the literature. We are showing a case of 46-years-old man with rare congenital malformation - three accessory spleens situated inside the abdominal cavity. These accessory spleens are with oval shapes, covered by thin organ capsules, with diameters of each of the spleens as follows- 2 cm, 2,5 cm and 3 cm. Each of these three in number accessory spleens is connected by a pedicle vessel of different lengths with the main vessels of the spleen, and they are situated near the splenic hilum of the normal spleen under the left half of the diaphragm. Each of these accessory spleens resembles normal spleen structure. Identification of accessory spleens is an important step in the treatment of wide number of clinical conditions. On the other hand they can be a source of significant hemorrhage into the peritoneal cavity, leading to life-threatening condition, without adequate therapeutic behavior.

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