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2021 : Volume 1, Issue 1

Tribulas terristris (Gokhru) A Silent Witness Revealed Blind Murder-A Case Study

Int J Forensic Sci Med Jurisprudence

Article Type : Case Reports

The investigation of death on railway line requires special eagle eye for solving such type of incidences. Microscopic inspection of crime scene, circumstantial evidences, clothing, injury pattern and postmortem report plays an important role and crime scene itself provides several vital information’s. In the present study an important case of suspicious death discussed in which the deceased was found on railway line into two pieces in police station Cantt of district Guna M.P. with plenty of Gokhrus in the head as well as on the body which were notable and rail line were infested with dropping blood drops, which were suggestive of homicidal death of the victim at the crime scene during forensic inspection all the physical evidences circumstances and last seen theory finally connected to the culprits.

Keywords: Physical evidence; Blind murder; Homicide; Forensic investigation

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