Online First

2021 : Volume 1, Issue 1

Manipulation of the Connective Tissue of the Sacrum Iliac: A New Look at Sacroiliac Pain

Author(s) s: Camilo Cândido Da Silva Santos, 1 Thalita De Jesus Salgado, 2 Renato Carvalho Vilella 3 and Luciana Crepaldi Lunkes 3

1 Department of Physical Therapy , UFMG , Brazil

2 Department of Physical Therapy , UNIBH , Brazil

3 Department of Physical Therapy , UNILAVRAS , Brazil

Mod J Med Biol

Article Type : Research Article

Different therapeutic approaches for treating low back pain and sacroiliac pain are available in the scientific literature. Low back pain has a multi factorial origin and each individual present’s low back pain in different ways. Physiotherapy acts conservatively in the treatment of acute and chronic low back pain promoting improvement in joint mobility,strength gain, central stability, specific muscle training, and functional training. Thus, this study aims to present a new therapeutic concept of approaching sacroiliac and low back pain by manipulating the connective and ligament tissue of the posterior pelvis.

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