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2021 : Volume 1, Issue 1

Modified Cervical Dislocation, A Better Way in Laboratory Rat Euthanasia

Author(s) s: Zeyi Cheng 1

1 Department of Cardiovascular Surgery , Sichuan University , China

Mod J Med Biol

Article Type : Editor Note

Killing experiment animals is an unpleasant task in scientific research, and it is must be done as humanely as possible. Although there are many known methods to kill rats, researchers who study animal welfare and euthanasia are increasingly worried that the widely used technology is not the most painful and stressful the smallest. We aimed to introduce a more safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly method named modified cervical dislocation to kill the rats abandoned after the experiment.

Key words: Euthanasia; Rat; Modified Cervical Dislocation

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