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2021 : Volume 1, Issue 2

Review on Shilajit Used in Pakistani Traditional Medicine

Author(s) s: Zahida Yaqoob, 1 Iqra Iqbal 1 and Mohsin Ali Raza 1

1 Faculty of Chemical and Material Engineering , University of the Punjab , Pakistan

Mod J Med Biol

Article Type : Review Article

Shilajit contains a blackish-brown exudation and mineral-rich complex organic compound. Its source can be obtained from mountainous ranges of the world, where the hilly tribes first identified its beneficial use such as Himalayan region from Gilgit to Skardu in Pakistan. This review article focuses on the potential applications of shilajit used in Pakistan’s traditional medicine. The major physiological action of shilajit has been attributed to the presence of bioactive dibenzo-α-pyrones (DBPs) along with fulvic acids (FA) and humic acid (HA), which act as carrier molecules for the active ingredients. For many years, shilajit is extensively used as a part of ayurvedic drug for the treatment of various ailments such as anemia, viral infection, diabetes, wound healing, liver disability and allergic disorders. Also, shilajit can settle the body’s immune system because it has anti-inflammatory properties.

Keywords: Shilajit; Herbomineral Drug; Fulvic Acid; Traditional Medicine

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