Green nanotechnology

Green nanotechnology focuses to the use of nanotechnology to strengthen the environmental feasibility of methods producing negative facades. It also refers to the utilization of the products of nanotechnology to reinforce sustainability. For example, nanoscale membranes can help separate desired reaction products from waste materials. Nanoscale catalysts can make chemical reactions more efficient and fewer wasteful. Sensors at the nanoscale can form a neighborhood of process control systems, working with nano-enabled information systems. Using energy systems, made possible by nanotechnology, is differently to "green" manufacturing processes. Another goal of green nanotechnology includes designing products that satisfy the surroundings either directly or indirectly. Nanomaterial products can remove unsafe waste sites, cause desalinization of water or sense and control environmental pollution. Green Nanotechnology takes a wider systems focus of nanomaterials and products, making sure that unforeseen results are reduced which affects are predicted throughout the entire life cycle. Green nanotechnology is a great industrial revolution. Green nanotechnology is supporting the development of sustainable solutions to address global issues. Issues like energy shortages and scarcity of unpolluted water, and lots of other areas of environmental concern, and being present in environmentally-sustainable manufacturing processes are often resolved by green nanotechnology. Green nanotechnology is used to develop clean technologies in order to minimize human health and potential environmental risks. It is actually all about developing green nanotechnology products and utilizing these as assistance to feasibility without compromising human health. Green Nanotechnology uses Green Chemistry, Green Engineering, and Industrial Ecology to discover the teeny-tiny magical world of nanomaterials and nano-products that are without toxic ingredients, produced at low temperatures using less energy and renewable inputs. Green nanotechnology miniaturizes products, which uses less material, are lighter to move, and thereby save energy and fuel. Green nanotechnology can have many applications, innovations and roles which will be developed by its different products and may be of an enabling nature. It can be further used for product placement and as a hike to today’s technologies:
  • Nanotechnology can play a role to a product to functionality like nanotechnology-enabled batteries.
  • Nanotechnology can enable green development and manufacturing processes without the final product containing any nanomaterials.
  • Applications of green nanotechnology like sensors, treatments of pollutants, green energy and green manufacturing.

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