Clinical & Hospital Pharmacy

Clinical & Hospital Pharmacy is the fields which involve administration of the various types and ways of medications for the health, wellness, diseases prevention measures, medication therapies, safety measures for the patients. The persons involved in the process are known as clinical pharmacist who works in the collaboration with physicians, physician assistants, nurses, practitioners, other health professionals contributing for better coordination with all health care settings in hospitals and clinics. Clinical pharmacists have the education from biomedical, pharmaceutical, socio behavioral and clinical sciences. With the collaboration they perform full range of medication decision-making functions as part of the patient’s health care team, which is gained and certified by proper training and board certification. Basic components include:

  • Drug Information
  • Drug Utilization
  • Drug Evaluation and Selection
  • Medication Therapy Management
  • Formal Education and Training Programs
  • Disease State Management
  • Prescribing drugs
  • Administering drugs
  • Monitoring prescriptions
  • Managing drug use
  • Counselling patients

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