Pharmacology Drug Classes

Pharmacology is known as the study of drugs and its interaction on the body. Pharmacologic class is a gathering of dynamic moieties that share experimentally archived properties and is characterized based on any mix of three traits of the dynamic moiety:

  • Mechanism of Action (MOA)
  • Physiologic Effect (PE)
  • Chemical Structure (CS)

A medication might be arranged by the concoction sort of the active ingredient or by the manner in which it is utilized to treat a specific condition. Each drug can be characterized into at least one drug classes.

The different drug classes are as follows:

  •  Drugs of Autonomic Nervous System
  •  Drugs of Central Nervous System
  •  Drugs of Cardiovascular System
  •  Drugs acting on blood
  •  Drugs of Gastro Intestinal Track
  •  Drugs of Respiratory System
  •  Drugs of Renal System
  •  Chemotherapeutic Drugs
  •  Drugs of inflammation and Pyrexia
  •  Drugs of Immunomodulation
  •  Drugs of Hormonal Disorders
  •  Drugs of other Diseases and Systems

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