Branch of science dealing with the collection, detection, assessment, monitoring, prevention of adverse effects, and drug related problems of the pharmaceutical products is known as pharmacovigilance. It plays a vital role in discovery of various interactions among the drugs and also humans and animals. It totally constitutes of total drug lifecycle starting from preclinical development to post-market surveillance with the help of Pharmacovigilance team. The main objective of pharmacovigilance is to prevent the human beings from the adverse effects of the newly invented or developed drugs without having idea of marketing authorization and in relation to the life cycle of these health products, and to promote the safe and effective use of health products to the people. Main objectives included are:

  • To improve the patient care
  • Monitoring the efficacy and adverse effects of drugs from the beginning till the end
  • Maintaining track of effect of drugs
  • Improving public health and safety
  • Encouraging the safe and effective use of the drugs without any harm or adverse effects
  • Marketing and promoting the effectiveness of the drugs to the public.

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