Pharmacovigilance Regulatory affairs

Pharmacovigilance is also called as drug safety in the pharmaceutical science identifying with the assortment, targeting, evaluation, observing, and counteraction of adverse impacts with pharmaceutical products. It is represented as (PV or PhV). Pharmacovigilance intensely centers around adverse drug reactions, or ADRs, which are characterized as any reaction to a medication which is harmful and unintended, including absence of adequacy.

Regulatory affairs is also called as government affairs. It is one of the important department in pharmaceutical companies which follows set of protocols to get the permissions by the government for the drug to be in the market.

Importance of Pharmacovigilance and Regulatory affairs.

  • Enhancing the patient care and safety
  • Improving public health and safety
  • Recording and reporting adverse reactions
  • Completing periodic safety update reports on drugs
  • Minimizing the risk of serious side effects

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