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2021 : Volume 1, Issue 1

IoT Based Waste Management System

Author(s) s: Sarmad Hameed, 1 Faizan Ur Rahman, 1 Muhammad Amir, 1 Zain Ul Abedin Babrawala 1 and Moez Ul Hassan 1

1 Department Mechatronics Engineering , SZABIST , Pakistan

J Robot Mech Eng

Article Type : Research Article


Waste not just nowadays, but since centuries is one of the biggest problems of the world. Many governments and people came and went, many revolutionists, scientists, philanthropists, etc. too tried work on this aspect of life, but 100% output was not witnessed in any case. As time passes by, population around the world increased, hence resulting in large number of waste. Slowly and gradually this number grew so high that ultimately for many, it became problem to manage such enormous amounts, resulting in disastrous outcomes. With the help of modern technology, here in this paper we tried to solve this issue. To at least begin all on our own, we started it with implementing this system in our university, as we know that well begin is half done, soon it started to produce pretty good outputs and issue of mismanagement of waste, at least in our University, was resolved to pretty much extent. This paper focuses on how a self-designed array of Ultrasonic sensors can be used to get best possible results of dustbin’s status based on amount of waste in it. Further how fast will system be synchronizing and giving its current status in a span of few minutes to main server. Further locations of dustbins will also be prescribed in system hence enhancing real-time output effects of surrounding as well, helping in better outputs and analyses.

Keywords: Embedded System; Artificial Intelligence; Prediction; Neural Network

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