Article Processing Charges

Coalesce Research Group publishes open access articles with full access and reuse of article for their further research with citing their article and giving credit to the corresponding author. Like other open-access publishers, the author has to pay for the publication of the article only after acceptance of the article. As apart from publishing the article we are involved with the other services related to the processing and publication of the article, i.e., from manuscript to the full proofed article which involves plagiarism check, online tools for the editors and reviewers for the strict peer review process, abstracting and indexing, production services (HTML, PDF and XML versions), proofreading, management, development and marketing for the promotion of the article online.

The authors are not required to for submission of the article, rejected articles, and surcharges. The author can withdraw the article with no charges within 6 days of their submission. Article processing charges vary by Journal. Our group is not funded by any Government funding’s or any sponsors, it is self-funded publishers which makes the efforts to keep updated about recent research works by open access process.

Our APC (article processing charge) for the article is mentioned below in GBP:


Research (RA) / Review (RW)


High Income Countries



Middle Income Countries



Low Income countries



Article processing includes:

We are committed to make the article processing transparent so that authors are well aware of the process which is involved.

Once the article is submitted through mail or online Submit Manuscript form by our authors, it is sent to:

  • PreQC check where the article undergoes plagiarism check, usually below 15% percent is acceptable with proper explanation by mentioning in the references and citations, however, >25% will be considered as highly plagiarized and the article will be rejected by our Quality Team.
  • After PreQc acceptance it will be sent for the peer review process, after receiving revised article will be checked by our Quality team to check with the revisions done and the errors if any.
  • In meanwhile, our editorial team will be handling the questions and support before, during peer review process and post publication.
  • Management the team will be supported by proofreading, copy editing, language editing, PDF, HTML conversions, Graphic formatting of figures and tables in the article, etc.,
  • Indexing the team keeps in regular contact with the different indexing and archiving team to receive regular updates about the status of the applications and also on the procedure of applying.
  • Our marketing team will be promoting the journals and the articles from the issue release socially and through promoting in the conferences.
The articles are published under Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0.

Modes of Payment

We support the following payment methods:

  • Online payment with PayPal (PayPal account is not required)
  • Payment through credit card
  • Wire transfer to the bank (Details will be provided in the invoice itself)
  • Through Credit Card authorization

Accepted Currencies:

We accept payments in USD ($), EURO (€), GBP (£).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) about APC:

Q. Do we need to pay after submission?

A. There are no charges for the submission of the article; the author is required to pay only after acceptance of the article.

Q. Do I need to pay if the article is rejected?

A. If the article is rejected then the author is not required to pay anything

Q. Who will be responsible to pay?

A. As the article will be submitted by the corresponding author, our editorial team will be contacting and the corresponding author. Any further changes can be made in writing to the journal coordinator at

Q. What is the process of Payment?

A. After acceptance the authors will receive the invoice with the two payment mode options:

  • Through an online link which will be mentioned in the invoice where they can pay through a card
  • Wire or Bank transfer as all the bank details will be mentioned in the invoice itself.

Q. Is this is a subscription-based article?

A. There are no subscription charges for the article, as it is an open access article where the readers can freely access, read and rewrite the article with proper citation and reference.

Q. Can I get the reprints of the article?

A. Reprints requests should be made in writing to the concerned journal coordinators or and there will be separate charges for the reprints.

Q. Who is eligible for a discount or waiver?

A. Discounts and waivers depend upon the income level and financial support of the author and it can be requested to the concerned journal editor through the mail.

Refund Policies

Coalesce Research Group will refund for the Article Processing Charges only if any errors takes place from the journal editorial team which ends up with the publication of the article only.

Refunds will not be applicable if the article are retracted or authors error and misconduct.

No refund will be offered for the below circumstances:

Discounted amount are nonrefundable.

Article Retraction: Authors can retract the article within 6 days of initial submission and can be made with writing to the journals coordinator

Article Removal: Authors can made written request to the office for the removal of article but there will be no refund for the article removal.

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