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2021 : Volume 1, Issue 1

Numerical Simulation of Inertia Matrix for 6 DoF Industrial Robot

Author(s) s: Jelena Vidakovic, 1 Vladimir Kvrgic 2 and Pavle Stepanic 1

1 Department of Robotics , Lola Institut , Serbia

2 Department of Robotics, Mihajlo Pupin Institute , University of Belgrade , Serbia

J Robot Mech Eng

Article Type : Research Article


The robot dynamic model is essential for the precision and reliability of robot design, motion control, and simulation. A robot inertia matrix, whose elements are coefficients of joint accelerations within the robot equations of motion, plays an important role in the robot’s control design. During robot motion, elements of the inertia matrix are functions of robot configuration (robot joint positions). To facilitate the development of process models and to make an appropriate selection of motion control algorithms, it is useful to perform numerical simulations of inertia matrix elements for different robot trajectories. In this paper, numerical simulation of inertia matrix is presented for 6 DoF industrial robot with revolute joints for the programmed robot motion. Inertia matrix is obtained from the robot dynamical model developed by using modified recursive Newton-Euler algorithm. Based on the presented simulations, variation of effective inertias and magnitude and variation of cross-coupling effects in the robot inertia matrix are examined.

Keywords: Inertia Matrix; Mass Matrix; Robot; Simulation

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