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2021 : Volume 1, Issue 1

Rent-A-Cycle (Smart Bicycle Sharing Service-IOT Based)

Author(s) s: Sarmad Hameed, 1 Faraz Junejo, 1 Naqi Jafri, 1 Dania Rashid 1 and Fabiha Shoaib 1

1 Department Mechatronics Engineering , SZABIST , Pakistan

J Robot Mech Eng

Article Type : Research Article


Bicycle Renting Service or sharing service is about renting a cycle. Bicycle sharing schemes offer a minimal effort and ecologically helpful mean of transportation for short journeys. It can likewise be utilized as a shared mode to other open travel, for example, transports, neighborhood trains. Bicycle sharing systems unite the benefits of open and private transportation to all the more likely adventure the given transportation foundation. This paper high point smart bicycle sharing service which is totally accessed by android application. This research paper also states facts and figures that bicycle sharing services are environmentally friendly and also great for an individual health. The main scope of this bicycle renting schemes is to implement it to reduce environmental pollution and for health purposes. This scheme is smart bicycle renting scheme in which GPS tracking, QR scanning, online payment, automatic locking/unlocking through android application, and all features on just one android application. This scheme also has admin website where all the information of user and bikes are stored also history of bikes, payment and rides for security purpose. From a distinctive individual's perspective, bicycle share systems take out the burden of bicycle proprietorship, the need to look for parking places, and the dread of burglary. It helps in decreasing rush hour jam clog as number of vehicles on street can be fundamentally reduced.

Keywords: Bicycle Renting Service; Environmentally Friendly; GPS Tracking; QR Scanning; Website; Android Application; Automatic Locking/Unlocking

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