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2021 : Volume 1, Issue 1

Numerical Simulation of a Thermosyphon Radiator Used in Electronic Devices

Author(s) s: Liang Ding, 1 Wei Wang, 1 Bingrui Li, 1 Yong Shuai 1 and Bingxi Li 1

1 School of Energy Science and Engineering , Harbin Institute of Technology , China

J Robot Mech Eng

Article Type : Research Article


The heat dissipation of electronic devices is an important issue. The thermosyphon radiators have high heat dissipation performance, so they are gradually widely used in electronic devices. In this study, a numerical model of the thermosyphon is established. It is observed that simulated temperatures agree well with experimental data in the literature with a relative error no more than 4%. After the numerical model is validated, it is used in the simulation of the thermosyphon radiator. The wall temperature of the condensing section under different thermal load conditions is compared, and the thermal resistance of the condensing section is analyzed. The results show that with the increase of heating and condensing heat flux, the wall temperature fluctuation of the condensing section increases, but very small just about 5K, 6K, 7K, and 9K, respectively. The thermal resistance of the condensing section decreases, indicating that the thermosyphon radiator has a better performance under high heat flux conditions.

Keywords: Thermosyphon Radiator; Phase Change Heat Transfer; Numerical Simulation; Wall Temperature; Thermal Resistance Analysis

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